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FW Guilds
Info on the guilds of  ForgottenWorld.
The Gallery
The place to find maps, artwork, downloads, etc.
Web links to other games, communities, and more.
Funny Side Up
A place to tickle the funny bone.
Bully Pulpit
By Xanth, the master of words with a bite.
Past articles and stories.
Player vs Player
Info and articles on FW's turn based combat.
Hawk's Nest
A game tester's blog with lots of useful things.
FW Boards
Community forum for posting stories, tips, or general info.
FW Calendars
Includes Birthdays and scheduled activities for in game events and booths.
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Old News


xcerpts from the History of FW

"Prophecies are oft times obscure with riddles wrapped around symbolic signs that can confuse even the most learned scholars..."

~~Father Bartholomew

"...if the Beast is driven from the realm of man, evil shall rule. Then there shall come to pass a time when the long forgotten Book of Lore shall be remembered. When the white fire in the night sky shall trace a path to the evil city, then will the spirit of fire venture north once again. The Beast shall rise up from the forest to seek vengeance upon his tormentor, and an ancient ally shall stand at his side..."

~~from the Cataclysm Prophecies

From the Staff of Forgotten World:
Forgotten World is a FREE, turned based, multi-player on line game. Visit the other web pages to get an idea as to what we are about. If you think you'd like to try us out, just create an account, download the needed files and play the game.

Visit the FAQ page for an idea about the game or copy it for reference. Check out the community page and you can read all about our players and things we talk about. Once you've signed up feel free to leave a post on the boards and introduce your self. You can post questions or just read about our members.

This is one of the few on line games where you can actually participate in finding bugs (if you choose) or just enjoy playing the game. It's easy to learn and most players will be happy to answer any questions you have just ask them on the boards or in the game its self.

FW Staff